portrett Lise Stang Lund

I have two main fields of interest as an artist: glass, light and optical effects; and large-sized sculptures in the public domain. What unites these is a concern for the interaction between the viewer and the art work, and a preference for simple, precise expressions.

Glass, light and optical effects

Many of my projects involve the use of solid glass. Glass has supreme qualities to catch and transmit light. Solid glass has wonderful, and often surprising, optical qualities, depending on the shape and the grind.

I like the fact that the optical effects are dynamic. The distortions and mirroring change as the viewer moves, and this triggers a curiosity and playfulness in the viewer.

I make wall objects, sculptures and installations in my work with glass. In many projects, I combine the glass with other materials like wood, stone, concrete or steel to create interesting and necessary contrasts to the special and in many ways extreme qualities of glass. I strive for a precise form language.

My commission work also involves working with glass façades, where I have started to explore bold, graphic patterns. My aim is simple expressions that are in tune with and enhance the architecture.

Sculptures in the public domain

Large sculptures have a strong physical presence. I explore the tension that can arise through the juxtaposition of several sculptural shapes.

My sculptures have an abstract form language, which invites the viewer to associate freely.

I have completed three major sculpture projects in the public domain, in schools and a nursery school. Children and young people have a direct approach to human-sized sculptural shapes. They explore physically and playfully, whereas adults normally observe and assess. To see how young people connect to shapes I have created inspires me.

The sculptures provide the buildings with a meeting place; a place to linger where good conversations may occur. At best they function as a symbol for the site and as a landmark.

Education and practice

I completed my master’s degree at the National College of Art and Design in Oslo, Norway in 1998. I've also studied at art schools in London and Stockholm. I've participated in several group exhibitions and had my third solo exhibition in Oslo in April 2008. In recent years, I have concentrated on architectural commission work, and have completed several projects. I have also participated in many competitions by invitation. My last art project was a glass façade decoration for a hospital in Northern Norway, completed in 2014.

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Address: Rundtjernvn. 23d, N-0672 OSLO, Norway
Phone: +47- 22 26 60 90
Mobile: +47- 99 38 17 15
Email: lise[at]morf.no

Portrait photo: Ellen Lande Gossner